Puricom Europe's Quality

From the beginning we have had our own working method, which we rigorously follow. It is a part of our identity as a company and our guarantee to produce optimum and reliable products in every sense.

Our quality program starts by selecting the raw materials, thus making sure they offer the perfect strength, performance and functionality.
We test each equipment during the production process. And, finally, we analyse the treated water to ensure its taste and its composition.


Puricom Europe was founded in 1989 out of a direct sales company in order to meet a growing market such as research, manufacturing and distribution in the water treatment area.

Our main aim is to meet our clients’ needs by improving their quality of life and the water they use at home, at work or in the industry, as well as preserving such a valued element.
Puricom Europe

Puricom Europe invests on R+D+I (Research + Development + Innovation). We have our own laboratory, where water is analysed in order to control the quality in all our products and services.

For this reason, we are ready to face the future with our new headquarters in L’Ametlla del Vallés, where we will be able to continue expanding the service for our clients all around Europe, dedicated to water treatment, distribution and manufacture.

Our certificates

Puricom Europe (B64362999) is a member of
the Water Quality Association

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Certificate Nº 34/5200/14/0712
The quality system from Puricom Europe (B64362999) for the trading and assembly of water treatment systems is certified and complies with the UNE-ISO-9001 regulation

Authorised Economic Operator
Nº: ESAEOF18000008U6

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Puricom Europe (B64362999) is a member of Aqua España, which belongs to Aqua Europa (European confederation of trade associations)

Quality Controls

All brands belonging to Puricom Europe and our partners undergo strict quality controls to guarantee its durability, safety and operation.
Puricom Europe only offers you the best.


We support and invest in Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) because we are well aware that the future of our company requires a continuous reinvention.

We have our own lab in Barcelona, where our team of chemists analyses the composition of water and guarantees the highest level of purity.

Furthermore, we carry out test methods to develop new products with a long useful life and which are comfortable to use.

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