We are the first European company in our industry to offer such a wide range of training resources to our clients. In our on-going training room, highly skilled professionals teach specific courses where our clients can learn and update their knowledge on the different areas that make up a water treatment company.

These are open courses for all our distributors and clients. They have a highly practical content and are oriented to continuous learning and improvement. Below you will find all the standard courses that we offer about water treatment, sales and equipment installation. If you can’t find the topics you are interested in, our Training Department may design bespoke courses for your company, which we can teach in our facilities or yours. So please contact us and tell us what are your expectations.


Introduction Courses to Water Treatment

6 hours of training

Designed for professionals with little expertise in the water treatment industry. It has a duration of 6 hours, during which it deals with topics such as general water chemistry and the most usual basics (ion exchange, reverse osmosis, filtration, disinfection, etc.).

Sales and Demonstration Course: Domestic Osmosis Equipment

5 hours of training

This commercial course teaches how to perform a good demonstration about the benefits of a reverse osmosis equipment for the home: all the necessary tools and analyses that have to be carried out in a professional and ethical manner.

Sales and Demonstration Course: Domestic Water-Softening Equipment

5 hours of training

This commercial course teaches how to perform a good demonstration on how water softeners work in the home: technical characteristics, understand how it works and know how to advise a client about the most appropriate equipment for him. Use of the tools and analyses.

Full Sales and Demonstration Course: Domestic Osmosis and Water-Softening Equipment

8 hours of training

This commercial course teaches how to perform a good demonstration on how reverse osmosis equipment and water softeners work. This is a customer-oriented approach on how would his house be with a good water treatment system.

Sales and Equipment Demonstration Course for Companies

5 hours of training

Where and when can we offer a water treatment system for companies? Different technologies for different facilities: hotel industry, catering, hairdressers, dental clinics, industry, etc.

Sales and Demonstration Course for Hot and Cold Water Dispensers

4 hours of training

What do we need to create a company devoted to the commercialization of point of use water dispensers? Different technologies available: filtration, ultrafiltration, osmosis, etc. How can we do it? Sales, rental, hire, etc. Pros and cons of this business.

Advanced Course for Sales Team Management

8 hours of training

This course is intended for sales team leaders. Guidance and characteristics of the job. Tackle new challenges, meetings with salespeople, motivation techniques, convert employees into professionally trained salespeople, and help them develop self-confidence and professionalism. A stroll through the tricky sales career.

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