Watermark Series Simplex 755

This system is composed of a PRFV Greentank bottle with upper and lower distributors, and a salt tank made of polyethylene with enough capacity for several regenerations. Includes a double bottom and a safety valve.

Up-flow valve WS-755 made of heavy-duty Noryl and controlled by an horizontal piston. 2” connection. Up-flow regeneration for a lower consumption of salt and water.

Technical Specifications:

  • Watermark Series programmer for industrial applications.
  • The desired regeneration can be chosen here: chronometric, metered immediate, delayed or mixed.
  • Also, all working parameters can be configured. This equipment allows proportional regeneration processes, consuming only the amount of salt needed to recharge the exhausted resin.
  • They contain water softening food-grade resin from GreenResin, which features a great capacity and is supplied in 25 liters bags.
  • Silex distributing base with different grain sizes.