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From the beginning we have had our own working method, which we rigorously follow. It is a part of our identity as a company and our guarantee to produce optimum and reliable products in every sense.

Our quality program starts by selecting the raw materials, thus making sure they offer the perfect strength, performance and functionality. We test each equipment during the production process. And, finally, we analyse the treated water to ensure its taste and its composition.

Water for Drinking and Cooking

The water we drink and use to cook is important for our health. By filtering it, we are improving its purity. But before filtering it, it is necessary to choose the right options. The water supply contains harmful components which we should be aware of and treat with the appropriate equipment. Discover which one suits your needs in function of the problems that affect the water from your home.

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Water Softeners

Our Water softeners combines maximum performance and eco-efficiency in a compact design that delivers the ultimate in freshwater.

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Reverse osmosis

Our reverse osmosis equipments reduces by almost 100% substances such as microorganisms, heavy metals, pesticides, etc. Only what you want will remain: truly pure, safe and high quality water.

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Water dispensers

Hot and cold water water dispensers for offices and businesses designed for reverse osmosis technology.

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Hydrogenated water

Hydrogen-enriched water has a high antioxidant capacity, which contributes to a healthier lifestyle.


We support and invest in Research, Development and Innovation (R&D;&I;) because we are well aware that the future of our company requires a continuous reinvention. We have our own lab in Barcelona, where our team of chemists analyses the composition of water and guarantees the highest level of purity. Furthermore, we carry out test methods to develop new products with a long useful life and which are comfortable to use.

We are renewing our web page, we will be back very soon.

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