Benefits of softened water


Lime is one of the most harmful elements for household installations. Most malfunctions occur due to an excess of lime. Softened water may help to extend the lifetime of your domestic appliances.

Laundry care

Soft water does not bleach clothes, helps maintain their colour intensity and protects the quality of fabrics.

Skin health

Makes skin look soft and smooth, and prevents dryness, peeling and the feeling of tightness.

Household cleaning

Soft water causes less lime build-up in pipes, bathrooms, taps, partitions and showers.

A clean and sanitised home

Hair recovers its natural softness and shine.

Energy savings

Lime reduction in pipes and facilities encourages the heat exchange and reduces the time it needs to warm up. This helps reduce energy consumption.

Glassware and tableware are always shiny

Lime reduction in water prevents it from building up in glasses or dishes, thus making them easier to clean.

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