Fruit and vegetables are essential to our diet. Eating them in the form of juices coming from 'slow juicers' is the best way to consume all their pure benefits and taste.

Which are the benefits of slow juicing?


The juices contain the maximum level of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.


Preserves the healthy enzymes of fruit and vegetables.

Anti-aging action

Allows the body to assimilate the antioxidants which lengthen the life of the cells.


Eases digestion, strengthens the immune system and increases the body's well-being.


Since juice is obtained with a minimum degree of friction, it tastes all natural.


Eases the digestion of fruit and vegetables, which are recommended in a healthy diet.


It gets the maximum quantity of juice from every food. Up to 40% more than a high speed juicer.


The pulp is separated from the juice, so there is no need to previously filter or remove it.


Juissen is a slow juicer, a next generation blender which will change the way we prepare and drink fruit and vegetable juices.

Technology for your health

It uses a slow speed technology, which helps extract the maximum quantity of nutrients, vitamins and enzymes of all types of food, either fruit, vegetables, nuts and even soy.

Slowly pressed, feels better

The extraction method is like 'pressing' with a mortar. It slowly presses food, creating very little friction and heat, and that allows the juice to keep intact all its enzymes, nutrients and phytonutrients, which the body absorbs quickly and efficiently.

Convenience and taste

Food is introduced without being previously cut, thus reducing the contact of the pulp with the air (oxidation) and preventing the loss of nutrients, which get directly into the juice.

Get the most juice out

Pulp is expelled drier and so it is capable of obtaining more litres than a conventional juicer.

Clean and unobtrusive

Juissen is a quiet juicer with minimum vibration. It is easy to clean and its dimensions and design fit perfectly in all types of kitchens.

Minimum consumption

It uses few watts of power, instead of the up to 1,500 watts which a high speed juicer consumes. It has a state-of-the-art built-in motor with an AC system, which guarantees a long service life.

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Who is it for?

Juices from the Juissen adapt to the specific nutritional requirements from people of all ages which want to look after their diet in a healthy way.

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