A clean and sanitised home

Maintaining a good hygiene of the mattresses and bedding materials using a vacuum cleaner ensures that fabrics are free of germs and perfectly safe for our health.

Benefits of vacuuming the mattresses and bedding materials

Killing mites

Which cause allergies, asthma, skin rashes and rhinitis.

Removing dust particles

Which cause sneezing and allergies.

Killing virus

Prevents the transmission of colds and flu.

Preventing illnesses

Kills the germs which cause pneumonia and asthma.

Vacuum sterilisation

Removes microscopic particles which are harmful to the human body up to 0.3 microns.


Airthink is a technologically advanced vacuum cleaner, which has been designed to carry out an in-depth cleansing of mattresses, bedding materials, curtains and other fabrics used in the home.


Light, confortable and quick

It works in one single go. It can be used with only one hand and its small dimensions allow for convenient storage everywhere.

Works in 4 stages

1. Anti-mite vibration

It uses a patented vibration platform composed of two pads which shake the microscopic particles and the dust mites off the mattresses, pillows and bedding materials, leaving them 'defenceless' on the surface.

2. Sterilising lamp

The UV-C rays of the Airthink's built-in lamp totally destroy the bacteria and other microorganisms, thus guaranteeing that the fabrics are completely germ-free.

3. Vacuum suction

The powerful suction power of the vacuum cleaner captures the dead mites and bacteria by using a special Hepa microfiltration system.

4. Two-stage filtration

A first filter automatically captures the largest particles and retains them. An exclusive microfilter completely isolates the small particles, such as microscopic dust, bacteria and mites.

Who is it for?

Airthink is a vacuum cleaner which has been specially designed to prevent all problems caused by allergies and improve the living conditions of those affected by them.

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