New Catalogue number 05 (Puricom 2019)

puricom-2019The Puricom Team.


Hereby we are introducing our new Catalogue number 05. Once again, we try to provide a useful and clear tool to help you prepare your quotations and let you know better our new products.
In this issue we are introducing some interesting updates:

New range of filtration systems, both for the household and Horeca sectors, i. e. the Lógico Aqua series. This product is highly versatile and offers a great quality. It is composed of different filtration, carbon block and ultrafiltration systems that include different commercial solutions.

New filters and water softeners of the WaterMark 755 Series of 2”, with the most advanced technology for a low consumption of salt and water. Designed for high flow rates, they come with the MTS (multi-tank) system.
This equipment offers the best features available in the market and a very competitive price.

As a novelty in commercial reverse osmosis, we are introducing a very interesting line to cover a gap which is often difficult to fill: the gap between household and industrial osmosis. There will be four units with different characteristics: C500, CP600, C700 and C1200. The latter comes as standard with an innovating membrane flushing system with osmosis water.
Furthermore, we are launching a new section in which the main characters will be glass bottles available in dif-ferent models and prices. This new family includes thermos bottles from our Runbott brand, which have had a great success among our customers. Modern bottles with an unbeatable quality, which incorporate an interior ceramic coating to prevent the unpleasant flavours that metal can produce.

As always, thank you for trusting us.

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