New Logico Aqua Premium UF 12″

New Combined filtration unit specially designed for treating water for human consumption of 12 inches.

This system improves the organoleptic characteristics (odor and taste), reduces the chlorine concentration and its combinations, pesticides and different types of chemical compounds and also reduces the bacteriological content in the treated water.

Lógico Aqua, filtered water for everyone

new water filtered system logico-aqua

Lógico Aqua, filtered water for everyone

Lógico Aqua is the best system to enjoy filtered water in both quantity and quality.

The Lógico Aqua  system series has different models available, which adapt easily to the characteristics of your family and your kitchen.

With a simple and easy installation you will have all the filtered water that your family needs to drink and cook.

Minder Water softener

water softener minder

Minder is an ultra-compact equipment, designed to offer the maximum comfort during installation. ¡You can even place it under the sink of your kitchen!

Hydron, the Nº1 compact hydrogenator for osmosis and mineral water



Hydron is the Nº1 compact hydrogenator for osmosis and mineral water

With its great compact design, Hydron is made to take up as little space as possible in the kitchen. It offers several installation possibilities for you to choose the one that best suits your needs.


Gutzzi Reverse osmosis

gutzzi reverse osmosis

Gutzzi is the result of the study, design and manufacturing created by a multidisciplinary team composed of biologists, engineers, designers and private users. We have achieved a compact, modern, simple, easy-to-maintain and durable equipment.

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